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Programmable Banking Community


The Programmable Banking Community is a community of software devs on a mission to make Programmable Banking a reality for South African developers and businesses. The community is working towards this by building open-source tech with Investec Programmable Banking foundations.

The community is a space for sharing ideas and connecting with other developers interested in building out new fintech solutions. Our core focus as a community is to support each other to unlock the potential of Programmable Banking for everyone.

Who is the community for?​

The community is for individuals with a passion for technology. If you are interested in building on the banking experience and helping ignite other’s imagination, this is the place for you.


Join the Programmable Banking Community. Check out our community projects on GitLab and on the OfferZen Blog.


Programmable banking in action​

The Programmable Banking community are always finding new ways to solve interesting problems with Programmable Banking – from managing spend on your card to voice-enabled transactions on your account.

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