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Programmable Banking

The Open Banking movement aims to enable banking customers with greater control and transparency over their financial data and banking experience.

Investec is leading the way with Open Banking in South Africa, giving you control over your finances, by making their Private and Business Bank Accounts programmable.

Investec Programmable Banking​


Investec Programmable Banking is an exclusive functionality for IT professionals, enabling you to be at the forefront of innovation in the financial services sector.

By activating the Programmable Banking functionality on your Investec Private Bank Account you get access to Investec’s Open APIs. This gives you a full history of your transactions and allows you to move your money.

With Programmable Banking, you can build and define your own rules to approve, decline or set your Investec Visa card limits with securely hosted Javascript functions. Limit your fast-food spend, track your coffee intake on the fly - anything goes.

Your Programmable Banking account is enabled with developer tools.​

  • IDE in Investec Online: Use the IDE to deploy JavaScript code to your card, which executes before and after every card transaction.

  • Open API Access: Get your account, balance and transaction data through Investec's transaction history API. Transfer money between your Investec accounts with Investec's transfer API. Check out the API docs here.

Investec Private Banking​


Investec is an award-winning Private Bank that gives our clients access to our suite of banking services, both locally and internationally, enabling them to create, grow, preserve and protect their wealth with us.

Our multi-generational offering enables you to not only open a Private Bank Account for yourself, but also accounts for family members, including Youth Accounts for children. You can also secure finance, save and invest or open an offshore bank account. Through Investec Life and Aon, you can get life and short term insurance tailored to the needs of your family.

But our offering goes beyond banking. You can also access Travel by Investec and our Private Selection team will bring you the latest, most valuable deals, opportunities and experiences you can’t get anywhere else.