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About Investec

Investec is a leading international Private Banking and Wealth Management partner.

As a truly client centric business, our differentiator has always been an exceptional client service experience. We find a way to help you simplify your life, grow your wealth and protect what matters most to you. Our differentiation is not what we do, but how we do it. The way we partner with clients is always human, backed up by high tech channels.

Testament to this, is the recognition by The Financial Times of London who named Investec as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in South Africa for the ninth consecutive year in 2021.

By launching Programmable Banking as a local industry first, Investec aims to create opportunities for software developers to challenge what’s possible in financial services, through crafting indiviualised banking services. Through Investec’s Private Bank Account you not only get all the benefits of a fully transactional credit card, but you can also access your transactions, set up custom budgeting and notifications, along with the ability to limit spending, and more.